Software & Software developement

We at MakroSolutions share many years of know-how and a competent team in our RetroFIT division. We discuss  your requirements and needs, which we will integrate into a customised revamp project.

Our automation and control system solutions will bring your system back up to the state of the art – your system will work more efficiently and require less maintenance, while maximising availability using state of the art control technology to ensure long-term production reliability.

With us you get "everything from one source". We take care of the management of service providers and suppliers and ensure quality. We decide on "make or buy" on the basis of economic and scheduling aspects.

Energie Monitoring System Makro M-EMS

Makro M-EMS is a system for measuring, recording and analysing all relevant energy consumption rates to help you improve system efficiency on a continuous basis. After all, you can only manage what you measure.

Makro M-EMS is available either stand-alone or as a fully integrated solution. You can decide whether to install Makro M-EMS separately from your existing building management, SCADA or distributed control system, or integrate the energy monitoring system into your distributed control system.

Makro M-EMS records all energy sources and consumption rates. Apart from electrical energy, Makro M-EMS meters fuel gas and oil, steam, heat, compressed air, water and other utilities as well as renewable energy.

We would be happy to install and configure your Makro M-EMS system after thorough consultation.

Process Control System

Our MakroM-PCS process control software covers a wide and versatile range of applications, while supporting you in automating smaller systems and large complex projects alike. The software features seamless integration and intuitive operation, cutting down on change-over times and maximising productivity for machines and systems while you maintain your flexibility in product changes.

This eliminates system size as a factor in whether our software is financially viable for you – only the functionality you require counts.

Highlights in the Makro M-PCS process control system:

  • Industry-neutral
  • Suitable for any plant size
  • Central, complete, long-term archiving for all of your plant data
  • Energy management system implementation according to ISO 50001 and EN 16001
  • Support in validation according to FDA, GAMP5 and similar, with integrated version management and change control

How you benefit:

  • All the relevant information available directly via PC or tablet
  • Traceable product history
  • Simplified logistics processes
  • Your quality standards secured

Machine and system control

Interested in continuing with your existing production system while benefiting from the functionality of the future?

Software is a key component, and plays an essential role in system productivity. Based on a functional analysis, we will provide you with the opportunity of integrating your own requirements. Our modular and continuously evolving software modules allow powerful features and visualisations tailored to your specifications.

This can give your production system a second lease of life using our modularised RetroFIT concepts regardless of previous product vendors.


  • Control and drive technology
  • Operating modes, recipes, machine configuration

Visualisations (components and systems)

  • Screen layout with icon design
  • Operating procedures
  • 2D and 3D process and component visualisation