Overhead conveyor systems

Eton Systems AB offers material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding their way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transport and minimise handling, radically increasing the time it takes to add value to Your products. The systems include a real-time information system and the tools required to improve manufacturing processes through powerful software programs.

Almost all material handling systems from Eton Systems are unique and designed for different production lines at different production locations. It doesn't matter whether you're making dashboards for vehicles or sewing shirts. The transport of materials from one value creation process to the next is always part of your production. Why not automate these processes?

Learn more about how the Eton system can be customized for your industry at www.etonsystems.com.

Smart picking and moving solution

Goods-to-Person picking solutions consists of robots, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), picking/replenishment stations, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Robots Control System (RCS). Robots move shelf units and pallets to the picking or replenishment station, eliminating the redundant walking of the human workers and reducing labour intensity. Thus this robotic solution boosts efficiency and accuracy of picking and reduces labor costs.

The robots are controlled automatically: picking and transport orders are taken over by the customer order system (ERP) and managed according to the set business processes. The resource planning takes into account availability and priorisation. The picking stations are equipped with the necessary mobile shelf magazines and the employee only needs to scan and relocate articles as instructed. The employee receives step-by-step instructions from which shelf, how many items should be picked and where they should be stored. All processes are logged by scanning.

Thanks to the AI-algorithm-based software system, the solution is well qualified for all warehouse operations, including picking, racking, replenishment, returning, inventory counting and others.

AGVs are also perfect for replacing conveyor belts, forming a flexible and reliable moving system alternative. Equipped with lifting and strong pulling capabilities, robots are customizable to comply with different height, dock mechanisms and payloads requirements.

Smart handling system solutions

In the process of intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, it is required that raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products circulate rapidly and efficiently in each manufacturing chain. The intelligent carrying system solution provided by Mushiny®  has been applied widely in the process of horizontal and vertical transfer of materials and processing equipment among various production line nodes in the manufacturing industry. The system not only improves the efficiency of production but also seamlessly connects with all kinds of automation equipment and ERP/MES software system. Therefore, the cost of labour and management could be reduced.

Industry-specific solutions 

Corresponding solution packages are available for different industries: intelligent and other types of manufacturing, industry 4.0, electronics and appliances, medicine, clothing, e-commerce, etc. There are existing solutions for the manufacturing industry, comprising following production-related processes:  

  • - Production and assembly transportation, automatic loading and unloading;
  • - Transfer of the processing materials between material units and processing equipment;
  • - Human-machine collaboration in the transporting material by carts to work stations;
  • - Monitoring and safety inspections of the environment.