Intelligent Rack Handling Solution

Quicktron Intelligent picking and sorting system solution is composed by a series of hardwares and softwares of AGVs, mobile racks, replenishment, picking & sorting workstation, WMS system, RCS system. By using AI algorithm software system as the core, placing on the rack, picking on the rack, replenishment, returns, inventory and other warehouse internal operation and processes are completed at the workstation

Mobile Handling Solution

By visually identifying the package information, the sorting robot can automatically plan the optimal path to handle the sorted package to the corresponding delivery slot. For the first time in the industry, the concept of fixed slot is broken. The sorting AGV is interconnected with the handling AGV to analyze the unpopular and popular commodities delivery destinations through big data. The system dynamically allocates the slots in real time to ensure the optimal table trolley matching of the current order wave. The utilization rate of the slot is improved greatly.

Workbin Handling Solution

According to various application scenarios of the client, Quicktron provides various workbin handling solutions. It can provide rack to production line docking handling for manufacturing industry. It can also provide online or off line sorting and picking application between rack and work station in the e-commerce industry. There are two access methods of Quicktron robot, fork and clip holding type, that can flexibly cope with different containers and scenes, and can solve multiple handling of multiple workbins at once, to improve the efficiency of picking in the intelligent warehouse.

Pallet Handling System Solution

The latest intelligent pallet handling system solution can automate and intelligentize the storage, stacking and transshipment of pallets in warehouses, which relieves the dependence of forklift workers in traditional solutions, and improve the logistics operation efficiency of enterprises. The program combines intelligent hardware such as four-way pallet shuttle, all-round unmanned stacker, intelligent pallet handling robot, pallet transfer robot, intelligent robot management system and intelligent warehouse management system to form a powerful and flexible handling solution. The program is applicable to many industries such as food, medicine, clothing, automobile, logistics, and electronics manufacturing.


Eton Systems AB offers material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding their way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transport and minimise handling, radically increasing the time it takes to add value to Your products. The systems include a real-time information system and the tools required to improve manufacturing processes through powerful software programs.

Almost all material handling systems from Eton Systems are unique and designed for different production lines at different production locations. It doesn't matter whether you're making dashboards for vehicles or sewing shirts. The transport of materials from one value creation process to the next is always part of your production. Why not automate these processes?

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