Dismantling of an Offline Unwinding Station

May 2024

Time to relocate, time for a new start!

Our customer has decided to relocate its offline unwinding line with three-fold, addressing and compensating stacker to a new site. For this project, we deployed our experienced team of assembly professionals to completely dismantle the line in record time. In just 3 days, the entire line was professionally dismantled and safely packed for transport. Every detail was handled with care to ensure a smooth and safe relocation. Now the line can be transported to the new location and set up to continue providing first-class performance.

Here are some impressions of the dismantling process:

  1. Offline unwinding station before disassembly work begins, consisting of a three-fold, addressing and compensating stacker, among other things.
  2. Dismantling of the individual machines by the experts from MakroSolutions.
  3. Shipping preparations for transport to the new location.
  4. The system is safely packed for transport and ready to be relocated and reassembled.


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Customised Conversion of a Feeding Station

April 2024

Our customer already had a short version of the feeding station (AU2-MNK-UTR), but for space reasons he needed another machine that was perfectly tailored to his (space-related) requirements. Here you can read how we proceeded with this customised solution:

  1. New measurement and adjustment of the frame base plate: We began by re-measuring and adjusting the frame base plate so that the newly manufactured parts could be installed without any problems.
  2. Base hole and threaded holes: New holes were required to make the adjustments and fit the machine perfectly.
  3. Removal of side straighteners and other parts: In order to achieve the desired dimensions, side straighteners and various other parts were removed to create space and optimally adapt the machine.
  4. Shortening the machine: After ensuring that all the required parts were available, we shortened the machine according to our customer's requirements.
  5. Adaptation and installation of the protective panelling: The protective panelling was carefully adapted and installed to ensure the safety and functionality of the machine.
  6. Functional test under simulated production conditions: Before we handed over the machine to our customer, we carried out a thorough functional test under simulated production conditions to ensure that it worked perfectly.


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Do you need a customised solution for converting production machines?


At MakroSolutions, we always find effective solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our customisations not only guarantee maximum functionality, but also the optimal use of available space. 

So if you need customised adaptations, don't hesitate to contact us! 

We look forward to receiving your enquiry, because we understand your processes.


Tel.: +49 (0) 341 225 226 00    Email: info@makrosolutions.com

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Control Unit RetroFit for a Ferag Unwind Station (MTD) & Merging

March 2024

Recently, we were faced with an exciting challenge: our customer was looking for a solution for their Ferag unwinding station and its merging, whose servo controllers had been discontinued. We are experts in the procurement and repair of discontinued electronic components. Of course, we found a way to keep the machine running permanently!

After a thorough analysis and cost calculation, we decided to replace the drive controllers and the entire PLC. How did we proceed?

First, the unwinding station was dismantled and transported to our service centre. There, the new mounting plates were fitted outside the machine. Our electronics experts then replaced the entire interior of the control cabinet and restored the wiring to the machine.

But that was not all! As part of its modernisation, the machine was overhauled, the 7-inch display was replaced with an impressive 10.4-inch display, and additional monitoring functions such as a safety PLC were implemented.

Before delivery, the machine underwent extensive testing under production conditions to ensure maximum reliability.

The result? Not only has the maintenance of the unwinding station been ensured, but electronic wear parts have also been reduced, making the machine more fail-safe and robust overall. The newly integrated software also enables our service team to carry out remote maintenance and significantly improves ease of operation and maintenance.

The successfully completed retrofit is further proof of our mission to modernise the production landscape and make existing systems fit for the future.

#RetroFit #Innovation #ProductionOptimisation #ElectronicsUpgrade #UnwindStation

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Plant conversion

February 2024

Our customer already has a top roller feeding system from Muller Martini and now wants to use it for his Ferag machines too. No problem for the unbeatable MakroSolutions team! We found the perfect solution: An ingenious combination of a used Muller Martini unwinding station, a Ferag SDB (shingle turning belt) and a Ferag LAT (layer indexer) - customised for maximum efficiency and performance. 

The progress so far? We have thoroughly cleaned all the machines, carried out a detailed condition analysis and have already ordered all the necessary spare parts. We are currently in the process of replacing defective parts and resetting the machines to their basic mechanical settings.

What's special about MakroSolutions? We offer an all-round carefree package! Next step: The electrical cabling and parameterisation.

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Integration of MakroSolutions in Ferag

January 2024

Big news! We are pleased to announce the merger of Ferag AG with MakroSolutions! This strategic union aims to combine the strengths of both companies in the graphic arts industry and offer our customers an expanded and more innovative service portfolio.

MakroSolutions brings additional expertise and resources in the fields of automation, robotics and digitalised processes to the Ferag family. This synergy enables us to expand our capabilities in utilising leading technologies and to serve our customer base with enhanced services and customised solutions - across plants and technologies.

Customers of Ferag and MakroSolutions can look forward to a seamless integration of expertise and world-class customer service. We are excited to take this next step and shape the future of the graphic arts industry together!

Read the original article here.

Conversion of a dispatch room

January 2024

We are pleased to tell you about our current project: the extensive remodelling of an entire mailroom!

Our aim was to optimise existing systems and bring them up to date without affecting ongoing operations. A real challenge that we mastered with pride.

MakroSolutions took over the entire project planning, provided our experienced team and organised the necessary materials. We also customised and redesigned some of the machines to meet individual customer requirements in order to increase efficiency.

What did we do specifically? We rebuilt and relocated two existing Ferag lines.  In addition, we replaced two used Ferag lines with 2 Schur lines. Furthermore, we converted an SNT combination to "hanging transfer", supplied a modified Ferag delivery station, adapted the removal of the SNT and supplied a newly designed vacuum belt.

The result? A modernised mailroom that works smoothly and efficiently and meets the highest requirements. We are proud of our team and look forward to more exciting projects!

#MakroSolutions #Innovation #Remodelling #DispatchRoom #Efficiency #ProjectManagement #Teamwork

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Proactive and agile process optimisation: your data, bundled and clearly arranged in a central hub

November 2023

Digitise your production and rely on Industry 4.0 solutions! Together with MakroSolutions and Harns Technologies, you can tap into the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution brings certain challenges and at the same time offers a wide range of opportunities for successful value creation. The aim of the Industry 4.0 concept is to optimise production processes using state-of-the-art, data-based machine-to-machine communication and human-machine interfaces.

Centralised dashboards in the era of Industry 4.0 are convenient and efficient at the same time by bundling production management in one place. They are more than conventional analysis tools for error reduction and process monitoring, as they integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), promote human expertise and increase productivity. The associated flexibility and dynamic customisation options in production management create clear competitive advantages.

With its centralised "Alaiv" dashboards, Harns Technologies offers maximum streamlined data collection and data visualisation in real time.

The centralised, intuitive dashboards from Harns Technologies are industry-leading digital tools because they form extremely effective human-machine interfaces for agile value creation. You can bundle all your production process data within one application and visualise it in real time. Based on the comprehensive insights gained with the "Alaiv" dashboards, you will be able to derive the right technical and business conclusions for highly efficient and economically optimised operation of your production plant more than ever before. The centralised dashboards thus enable a shift from reactive to proactive strategies. This not only prevents potential problems, but also optimises the overall performance of the machine or production plant.

Harns Technologies is an industry leader in Industry 4.0 digitalisation.

Our software partner Harns Technologies offers industry-leading AI-integrated technologies, IoT, data analytics, machine learning and cloud computing solutions for workflow automation, predictive maintenance and labour optimisation as "the next big thing". Use your valuable machine data with Industry 4.0 applications for critical analyses of production processes, machine efficiency, downtime, energy consumption, resource utilisation and much more.

Find out more about Harns Technologies and the Alaiv dashboards at: harnstech.com/cobrand


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Are you looking for external and experienced experts for the assembly and maintenance of your machines at your customers' premises? Yes, we are your reliable partner for this task.


MakroSolutions ensures the continuous and efficient operation of your production plant:

We are trained and qualified to implement the repair standards of leading plant manufacturers.

We are therefore happy to offer our maintenance services on behalf of manufacturers.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry, because we understand your processes.


Tel.: +49 (0) 341 225 226 00    Email: info@makrosolutions.com

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Overhaul of a winding machine

November 2023

At MakroSolutions, we prioritise quality and ensure that every machine that leaves our premises is in top shape!

We recently acquired a Ferag winding station (MTD) and are currently refurbishing it for a customer. Our experts have already done a great job::

  • New belt
  • New brush
  • New cover for the DTR drive (to protect against paper dust)
  • New meshing protection
  • And that's not all! Before a machine leaves our premises, it undergoes a thorough inspection and cleaning. We do our best to ensure that every machine works optimally when it lands in your hands.

#MakroSolutions #MachineQuality #ProcessOptimisation #FunctionalTesting #QualityAssurance

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A look behind the scenes of our repair workshop (part 3)

October 2023

Successful completion of the SNT-U cutting drum overhaul:

We are pleased to announce that the overhaul of our cutting drum has been successfully completed!

A lot has happened again in the last 2 weeks to make sure our machine is in top shape. Here are the highlights:

  • Sensors and actuators put through their paces: Every sensor and actuator was thoroughly tested and defective or worn components were professionally replaced. Perfect function is our top priority!
  • Pre-configuration for integration: Our machine was prepared for seamless integration. The settings were optimised to ensure smooth cooperation with other equipment.
  • Safety first: We made backup copies of all controls to ensure that our machine works reliably, even in the unlikely event of a problem.
  • Precise adjustment of the upper knives: Our team has perfectly calibrated the upper knives on the adjustment table to ensure precise and high-quality cuts.
  • Adjustment of the cladding parts: The outer casing of our machine was adjusted and assembled to not only look good, but also function optimally.
  • Comprehensive functional testing: We have subjected our cutting drum to a thorough functional test to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Ready for shipment: After all these steps, the machine has been carefully prepared for shipment to the customer and is ready to do its job!

We are proud of the commitment and professionalism of our MakroSolutions team that made this success possible. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this project!

#success #teamwork #precision #functiontesting #innovation #qualityassurance

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Always the right repair skills for various scenarios of automated production processes

September 2023

Training of our employee at the market leader WestRock Packaging Systems:

In the largely automated production lines of the packaging manufacturing industry, there is an enormous variety of machine types and machine generations in use. No two machines are alike. This and the constant further development on the hardware side, where every new machine is equipped with the latest automation technologies, places high demands on the knowledge and skills of the plant technicians deployed in the field.

For MakroSolutions it is clear: If you want to "stay on the ball" here, you have to drive the constant improvement of the qualifications of your technical staff.

During a training course at the WestRock Training Centre in Chateauroux, France, our colleague Marcin now had the opportunity to familiarise himself with the company's products and tool types, to expand theoretical knowledge and to practise practical work as a service technician at the control level. This qualifies MakroSolutions in the field to professionally realise orders for plant repair and maintenance for WestRock according to their standards in the future.

Here is the experience report of our Polish colleague Marcin:

"For MakroSolutions I was on site in France for 5 days to develop new knowledge and skills for the products and services of the equipment manufacturer WestRock, together with representatives of international branches. The objective of the "Field Service Cluster-Pak® level 1" training was to be able to maintain and configure the Cluster-Pak® packaging machines used by well-known beverage brands such as Pilsener Urquell or Rauch Fruchtsäfte at the customer's site according to specifications and consequently to enable an optimal and efficient operation of the system on a permanent basis.

The training started with an introduction to WestRock's products such as Cluster-Pak®, Duodozen® and Basket Wrap®. On the second day, we were introduced to different generations of WestRock equipment and their most important electromechanical and electrical components. The mechanical construction of a Cluster-Pak® machine and the handling of its control panel were intensively discussed and trained on the third day. Under the guidance of the instructor, we learned how to download and change parameters for the servo drive. The visit to the production facility in the new WestRock plant as the highlight of the fourth training day presented us with state-of-the-art safety systems and solutions for servo drives and product tracking processes. Finally, on the last day, the participants repeated the knowledge they had gained and we were provided with additional training materials.

In summary, it was an extremely interesting training. For both the intensive familiarisation with the specifications of the WestRock packaging systems and the presentation of the latest components from Rexroth-Bosch, B&R, Keyence, Sencon, Yaskawa and Allen-Bradley used in the machines are exciting gains in experience for being able to implement the maintenance and updating of the WestRock automation systems in practice."

#IndustrialAutomation #WestRock #ClusterPak #Qualification #Training #RetroFit #PlantAssembly #PlantRepair

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Control cabinet retrofit: Our sustainable solution for the future!

September 2023

That's why we make old machines fit again:

Today we would like to tell you about an exciting project where innovation and expertise go hand in hand. A while ago, our team took on an exciting challenge: the refit of a control cabinet for a book drying system.

Why did we dare to take this step? Well, the old system was getting on in years and there were simply no spare parts left on the market. Moreover, the employees no longer have sufficient knowledge about the outdated technology. But we believe in sustainable solutions and did not want to give up on the machine!

Our main goal in this refit project was to keep the machine's proven operating concept while at the same time using the possibilities of modern technology. We designed and built the control cabinet according to the specific requirements of our customer. The automation process is carried out via a specially developed software.

The result? A book drying machine that will not only continue to function perfectly, but also offers optimised processes thanks to the new technology and software. This means not only more efficiency, but also cost savings!

We are proud to be part of this project and look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions for our customers in the future. If you too are facing similar challenges, don't hesitate to contact us!

#ControlCabinet #Retrofit #Innovation #Sustainability #Efficiency #CostSavings #EngineeringGenius #FutureTechnology

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A look behind the scenes of our repair workshop (part 2)

September 2023


Update from the workshop: Progress with the Ferag SNT-U revision!

A lot has happened since our last post. Our team has successfully completed the installation of the unloading carousel and the loading carousel. The connection to the combi station has been established and we have already fitted the first parts of the panelling to give our SNT-U back its familiar appearance. But that's not all! After completing the installation of all 90 knives last week, this week we turned our attention to the precise fine-tuning of the knives. Precision is key to our work, and we take the time to make sure everything is perfect.

#WorkshopUpdate #FeragSNTU #PrecisionWork #Innovation #StayTuned

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A look behind the scenes of our repair workshop (part 1)

August 2023


Over the past few weeks, we have been fully committed to the revision of an SNT-U. And we have already made great progress!

Last week, we successfully installed the cleaned and lubricated press levers. But we are not resting on our laurels - this week we have another important step on the programme: the installation of the bushings, knives and side press arms. Our technicians are working with precision and dedication to ensure that every component fits perfectly.

With an impressive 30 pockets in the cutting drum, a particularly precise task awaits us: the installation of a total of 90 knives (30 on the left, 30 on the right and 30 at the front). Each blade plays a decisive role in the quality and efficiency of our work.

We are excited about the modernisation options to guarantee many years of continued operation. We can't wait to share the results of this retrofit with you. Stay tuned for more insights into our precision work!

#TeamWork #Precision #Quality #RetroFit #BehindTheScenes

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We celebrate 10 years of success and growth

July 2023


Dear friends, customers and supporters, we are happy and proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

It has been an exciting journey together with you and we would like to thank you very much for that.

What started as a small business has grown into a thriving company. It has been a journey full of challenges, but also full of unforgettable moments and successes. We have experienced ups and downs, learned from mistakes and grown from them. None of this would have been possible without your support.

We would like to thank our fantastic team who have contributed with dedication, creativity and hard work to make our vision a reality. Each and every one of you is an important part of our success story.

A special thank you to our valued customers and business partners. You have trusted us and given us the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Your loyalty and cooperation have made us what we are today.

The 10th anniversary is not only a milestone for our company, but also a reason to celebrate all the great people who have contributed to us being here. Cheers to the past 10 years and to an exciting future.

#CompanyAnniversary #10YearsSuccess #Thankfulness #Community #Future

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Intralogistics as a future prospect

29th June 2022

In line with our responsibility to give young people a practical understanding of the complex topic of robot-based information technology and to inspire the next generation for technical professions, we invited a group of Leipzig school pupils and students accompanied by their teachers and professors to our new company location in the Heiterblick business centre on 21 June 2022.

Our visitors from the Leipzig grammar schools Werner-Heisenberg-Schule, Neue Nikolaischule Leipzig and Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium as well as from the HTWK (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences) were all very interested in robotics solutions in order to be able to view the learning of programming languages and attending computer science lectures in the context of practical application areas.   

MakroSolutions Managing Director Gideon Martz and Head of IT René Goral first gave a brief company presentation, followed by an in-depth look at the MakroLogistics division with a demonstration of AGV robots and a tour of the new factory building. In further discussions with the participants, the possibility of future collaboration, internships and working student positions were discussed.

Dedicated trainees, working students and interns are always welcome to join the Makro team.

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Installation of a sorting system for courier, express and parcel services in the Netherlands

Installation of a sorting system for courier, express and parcel services in Austria

Installation of a sorting system for courirer, express and parcel services in Poland

Quicktron AMR Rack Handling Solution - First installation in England

We, Quicktron and MakroSolutions, optimize the flow of materials and information within factories, warehouses and distribution centers to ensure their operational success.

Müller Martini Cohiba palettizer - Repair on behalf of our customer

Quicktron AMR Autonomous Mobile Robots - First Installation in Germany and more to come

Müller Martini saddle stitcher Prima - Relocation

FERAG EasySert - Relocation and assembly of three lines

Relocation of three #Ferag EasySert inserting lines. Our services included project development, dismantling, assembly and wiring.



FERAG trimming drum SNT-U - Refurbishment

A FERAG trimming drum delivered to us in need of some refurbishing. 

Feel free to contact us any time, should you require our services for your production lines or control systems, be it renovation, retrofit, relocation or assembly.

#Ferag #Schneidtrommel #SNTU, #Modernisierung#Anlagensteuerung#Umbau#Retrofit


27. November 2020 - Open House

We would like to thank all our visitors for constructive discussions on the topics of AMR robots, overhead conveyor technology, control systems retrofit and repair of electronic parts and components.
Till next time!

FERAG saddle-stitching drum UDR-2-350-ZF6 - Relocation

Relocation of a FERAG saddle-stitching drum UDR, including a trimming drum SNT50 and a Segbert palletiser.

Polska Press - Replacement of a plate cylinder on a Geoman newspaper printing press

RollSertDrum - Assembly of a RSD with MultiDisc (MTD) unwinding station

EasySert ESR - Internal preparation for a customer