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Our services range from simple maintenance, fault analysis and corresponding remedy to retrofitting or relocating machines to complete production lines.

Our highly motivated and qualified employees keep staffing economically efficient. We at MakroSolutions are capable of keeping to your requirements with highly flexible time windows.

Production support

Our experienced employees support your operating personnel in the following fields:

  • Restarting your plant after a revamp
  • Reconfiguring your plant for a new product
  • Maximising manufacturing efficiency in your plant

We also provide services such as inspection and training for your operating personnel.

Plant inspection

Plant inspection gives you a detailed appraisal and analysis of your plant by our specialists, and includes:

  • Description of the actual situation of the plant
  • Extensive function checks
  • Disclosure of problem areas
  • Proposals for troubleshooting
  • Proposals for production improvements

Finally, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the problems and describing in detail how you could produce more efficiently.


Regular proactive servicing pays off in the medium and long term as plants only remain reliable over the years with constant care and servicing. Servicing includes:

  • Replacing worn parts
  • Restoring mechanically smooth operation
  • Adjusting components
  • Minor repairs

We ensure regular servicing in your plant to help prevent expensive failures during production.


  • Operator training: Our service specialists provide one-on-one operator training on your machines.
  • Service staff training: Our service specialists provide one-on-one electrical and mechanical training on your machines.
  • APROL user training: Your staff on site will be able to operate your DCS after completing our user training programme (operation, visualisation, trends and alarms)
  • APROL system operator training: System operator training extends to user training, giving your sysops an in-depth insight into DCS configuration.
    (Operation, visualisation, trends, alarms, control centre, configuration, message templates, user administration and archiving)


Just call us – we’ll help you out with our expertise on malfunctions or other issues affecting your plant.

  • Error diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • By phone, e-mail, remote control or on site
  • Support in operation and configuration issues
  • Arrangements for necessary on-site repairs by our service technicians

Please note that we only guarantee extensive support as part of a service contract.

Service contracts

Efficient life cycle management gives you a high level of security and availability in your production facilities. Our service contracts can include:

  • Telephone support and remote control support on malfunctions, support in operation and configuration
  • Customised maintenance concepts
  • Regular production support and plant inspections
  • IT services

We plan out service types and availability, reaction times and billing in a custom service contract.

Asset management

Planning an investment or restructuring project for your company? Our sales, consulting and service teams have the know-how to support you.

  • Defining requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor production concepts
  • Drawing up production schedules and a corresponding staffing concept 
  • Collecting and analysing operating data and malfunctions, identifying improvement opportunities
  • Preparing specification sheets for tenders
  • Planning and controlling projects
  • Supervising installation and commissioning


Planning to relocate to a new production location, or merge several existing production locations together? Either way, you have a challenging road ahead of you. We will organise a safe and reliable relocation process for your machines and equipment; our experts will support you not only with individual adaptation for your equipment, but also smooth commissioning for your plant.

  • Recording electrical wiring plans (communication)
  • Dismantlement
  • Shipping
  • Mechanical and electrical overhaul if required (see retrofitting)
  • Assembly
  • Electrical work
  • Commissioning
  • Staff instruction (see training)


What does it take to ensure years of top-notch production capability? Is your plant intended to operate for a period of fifteen to twenty-five years? Discontinued electronic parts such as Siemens Masterdrive could force you to ever-increasing servicing and repair costs as well as improvised solutions.

We provide mechanical and electronic revamping for production equipment. State-of-the-art control technology from B&R will help you keep your production safe for the coming years – all costing a lot less than a new investment.

The B&R product portfolio includes all of the necessary electronic parts, and our many years of close cooperation allows us to offer you a sophisticated and cost-saving alternative to your current technology. Replacing a controller means redeveloping the control software. This involves considerable effort, but it does provide an opportunity to improve the software in its functionality, visualisation, operation and communication. Our modular software framework allows for uniquely rapid replication and extension to your equipment.

Software development

Software is still an underrated but essential component that plays a major role in the productivity of a plant. We develop automation and process control software solutions in a modular and constantly enhanced software framework enabling extremely fast implementation of complex functions and sequences as well as sophisticated visualisations.

  • PLC programming (B&R automation studio, structured text)
    • Motion technology (Acopos)
    • Operating modes, recipes
    • Machine configuration management
    • Operation and visualisation
  • APROL programming
    • Integrated PLC programming
    • Collecting, visualising, storing and transferring data
    • Plant visualisation
    • Malfunction visualisation
    • Logging
  • Visualisation (at machine and plant level)
    • Screen layouts
    • 2D/3D process and component visualisation
    • Icon design

We also provide the following services:

  • PC programming including GUI (C++/Qt)
  • Microsoft Office: VBA
  • Plant, process and component visualisation (Blender)

IT services

Our IT services include:

  • Hardware and software consulting
  • Hardware installation
  • Network installation and support
  • Administration
  • First-level support