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Makro M-PCS process control system

Process control systems are used for automating processes in a range of applications from smaller plants to complex large-scale projects. Seamless integration and intuitive operation will reduce your tooling times while ensuring maximum productivity in your machines and equipment, and maintaining flexibility for retooling.

Plant size doesn’t matter to economic viability as much as the functionality you need in this system.

Makro M-PCS highlights:

  • Industry-independent
  • Suitable for any plant size
  • Central, complete, long-term archiving for all of your plant dat
  • Energy management system implementation according to ISO 50001 and EN 16001
  • Support in validation according to FDA, GAMP5 and similar, with integrated version management and change control

How you benefit:

    • Access to the most important information and data – wherever you are – via PC or tablet PC
    • Product traceability
    • Simplified logistics
    • Quality standards ensured

      Modular transport system MTS

      Energy Monitoring System Makro M-EMS

      Makro M-EMS is a system for measuring, recording and analysing all of your relevant energy consumption, and supports you in continuously enhancing your plant: you can only manage what you can measure.

      Makro M-EMS was designed for use in stand-alone or integrated solutions. You can freely decide whether to install energy monitoring independently of existing building control, SCADA or process control systems, or integrate it into your Makro M-EMS measures all types of energy and consumption – for instance fuel gas, fuel oil, steam, heat, compressed air, water or renewable energy, and of course electrical power.

      We are happy to provide consulting, installing and configuring services for Energy Monitoring System Makro M-EMS.

      Addressing and cover sheet printing


      This allows you to allocate each addressed printed copy or package to the correct route and unloading point. Online cover sheet printing gives you the right information for the right package every time.