MTS modular transport system

Our Makro M-PCS process control software is a fully flexible logistics, control and computer system that gives you excellent support from production plant to customer.

One part, one product carrier.

MTS provides solutions for all kinds of storage, sorting and transport organisation.

Need to bring everything into order?

The MTS system is controlled using the identity number of each product carrier. State-of-the-art Makro M-PCS process control software keeps the system’s central computer informed as to the exact location of each article in real time.

How you benefit:

  • Fast access to each individual component
  • Maximum storage transparency
  • Gentle parts handling and pressure-free stowage
  • Efficient, clear and effortless warehouse management

Substantial cuts in delivery times.

MTS is a closed system. How you benefit:

  • No isolated solutions
  • No interfacing
  • No bottlenecks
  • No one-way streets
  • No congestion
  • No delays

Instead, the system provides you with complete optimisation in your goods flow in collecting, sorting and separating.

Inventory made easy

The highly efficient Makro PCS process control software lies at the heart of the MTS system. The software includes every single article currently in the stock cycle for immediate localisation. The system allows you to print out a detailed inventory list virtually on the fly. This means optimised stock transparency making inventory management a breeze.

Everything recorded!

Collecting, separating, sorting – MTS keeps track of every article as part of the closed system, and Makro M-PCS process control software checks each withdrawal.

In addition, each module can be changed easily, quickly and without long repair times; in the rare event of a fault, you have immediate support available via hotline or modem.

Optimised use of space

One of the benefits of MTS is its minimal space requirement. As an overhead material handling system, it ensures the most efficient possible use of space, regardless of whether it is mounted between joists in sheds or other empty, unused spaces or poorly accessible areas.

Its modular design allows efficient solutions that benefit from versatility, flexibility, multi-functionality and compatibility in any room size from storeroom to large hall.

The right solution for any application

MTS allows for a low entry point in costs and equipment. You have the choice between manual, semi-automated and fully automated execution from batch size 1 with the appropriate product carrier for any application. As your business grows, your scalable MTS system easily and effortlessly grows with it.

Features and characteristics at a glance


  • Manual or automated system arrangement
  • Secure system control with consistently dimensioned goods product carriers
  • Product carriers ID-coded using an RFID, barcode or transponder chip
  • Flexible product carrier adjustment to cargo (hanging or lying)
  • Transport with individual product carriers from batch size 1
  • Automatic loading and unloading from individual product carriers
  • Power & Free drag devices create predefined intervals during transport
  • Reduced staff costs with product-to-person technology


  • Manual, semi-automated or fully automated system design
  • Optimised use of space with multi-tier arrangements
  • From organised warehousing concepts to black box storage management – chaotic, fully automated
  • Flexibility and transparency by assigning each part to one product carrier
  • Part identification number assignment to product carrier identification number possible
  • Transparent and effective inventory management
  • Data-driven inventory and inventory control – warehousing computer
  • Packing density of 30 parts per metre for single product carriers
  • Pressure-free stowage
  • Power & Free conveyors for separating, stowing and transporting goods


  • Optimised sorting logistics in a subdivided loop
  • Sorting without hindering main routes
  • Increasing sorting performance through the number of gyroscopes or subdivision
  • User-defined sorting criteria


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